Art at Organnons

In the spring of 2018, Art at Kings Oaks installed an art window in Organnons Natural Market‘s storefront in Wrightstown, just 5 minutes away from Kings Oaks.  Featuring semi-monthly installations of work by local artists, the window brings fine art into the everyday experience.

Check out the artwork, visit Organnons and the adjacent OWowCow Creamery.  Artwork is available for purchase.  Now featuring Paintings by Tracy Everly.  Learn more>>

Clara Weishahn and Alex Cohen create the first Organnons window installation in May 2018, featuring paintings and frames by Cohen.


Artwork by Giovanni Cassadei installed at Organnons, summer 2018.


Alex Cohen, Clara Weishahn, and Clara Kewley with her artwork at Organnons, summer 2018.



Paintings by Tracy Everly on display November – December 2018.


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