Mastro Cencio


Mastro Cencio (Vincenzo Dobboloni class 1958) of Mastro Cencio Ceramica carries out his traditional craftsmanship in a workshop in the heart of the old city of Civita Castellana, Italy.  He uses traditional techniques to create archeological imitation ceramics in the Villanovan, Bucchero, Etruscan, Faliscan, and Greek traditions as well as medieval and Renaissance imitation ceramics.  Every artifact he creates becomes a demonstration of skill and refinement.  His passion for ceramics has deep roots.  After gaining his artistic studies and becoming a Master of Ceramic Art, he began to attend some private labs in Cerveteri and Tarquinia, where they reproduced faithful copies of pottery of every style and age.  There he refined the techniques of making the artifacts according to rigorous ancient processes.