Chuck Bowdish

Click here to see all the works by Chuck which are available to see at Art at Kings Oaks 2022.

Just two months after we met Chuck Bowdish in Hendersonville, North Carolina, we learned of his untimely passing in June.  Even in our too-brief relationship with Chuck, we were touched by his sensitivity and kindness.  We are honored to present this collection of Chuck’s most recent work at Kings Oaks this fall.  

Chuck Bowdish (1959 – 2022) was born in Ohio in 1959. His father was a Vietnam-era Air Force fighter pilot and his mother an amateur painter and schoolteacher, who taught him how to draw at a young age. Bowdish attended the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, and in the 1980’s studied painting at the New York Studio School with Bruce Gagnier, Nicolas Carone, Peter Agostini, Gretna Campbell, and others.

Bowdish’s visionary figurative work in various media describes a miraculous world inhabited by women, children, angels, mobsters, soldiers and police, where innocence struggles with evil. In Bowdish’s mysterious universe, autobiography, along with 1960’s political history and classical myth, converge.

In 1986, Bowdish began working as an illustrator with The New York Times and Fortune magazine in New York, eventually winning two scholarships: the Edgar Whitney Scholarship and the George Spavena Sculpture Scholarship as he continued to pursue sculpture and painting independently in downtown New York. After spending time in Mexico, Bowdish moved back to New York in 1991, enrolling at the New York Academy of Art on a full scholarship.

Bowdish had three solo shows with Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects. Bowdish received The Neuhouse Award in 2014. He was included in the New York Academy of Arts and Letters Invitational Exhibiton, 2015 where he received the Hassam, Speicher, Betts, and Symons Fund Purchase Award.

-Courtesy of Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects