Poogy Bjerklie


Poogy Bjerklie, a native of Maine, attended Haystack School studying sculpture and jewelry and later receiving a BFA from the Maine Collage of Art in metalsmithing. Following that she became a jewelry designer and diamond setter. She joined an artist group and expanded into furniture design, specializing in painted fabric. She used her fabric to make wearable art leading her into the fashion world. Relocating to NYC, she exhibited at the American Craft Museum and Lincoln Center. In 1999 she started making landscape paintings of her native Maine. Her first solo exhibition in 2006 was followed by exhibitions in galleries, museums and universities, including the Maine Museum of Art, Edward Thorp Gallery and Sears-Peyton Gallery in NYC.

Artist Residencies
The Loft-Cadaques ,Spain
Minoterie21-Brittany, France
Haystack-Deer Isle,Maine

American Red Cross
Memorial Sloan Kettering

Artist Statement: Primarily a self taught painter, the Maine landscape is indeed the biggest influence on my work. My work is a meditative look into a world both familiar and mysterious. The arrangements of tree, land, sky, the occasional path, lake or pond with melodious color harmonies are often set against crepuscular skies. Layers of earthy color, softly brushed, transform the peculiarities of place into expressive dreamlike spaces filled with a range of moods, real and imagined.