Tutu Kiladze

From 1999 to 2005 Tutu Kiladze (b. 1981 in Tbilisi, Georgia) studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. She created her own individual style in contemporary Georgian art. Her works also stir associations with the Georgian and European painting traditions. A deliberate dialogue with Hendrick Avercamp and Pirosmani suggests Kiladze’s spiritual affinity with the painters. She perceives the world as a harmonious unity of humans and the universe, in which humans hold a small but important place.

Fanciful shapes and figures abiding in the artist’s imagination find their place on the plane of her works, thus creating her unparalleled artistic world that conquers with its sincerity, childish vision and purity of perception. The subtly sophisticated combination of colours with deliberately primitive shapes gives special expressiveness to her art. Kiladze shows us her world at a distance, with figures scattered across the space as tiny spots and dots. Skating, swimming, walking and partying figures enchant the viewers thanks to the precisely rendered character and plasticity. Cities with lit-up windows – all tints and dots, sea sceneries, parks, lovers, a valley where people party, ships in the sea – Kiladze’s works invite us to approach them closely and make us feel a part of the world where everything seems to be painted playfully. The artist accurately renders the subtle nuances and tints of emotions – the world in all its diversity.

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