Yakov Veyser

Artist Statement

I was born in January, 1973 in Bordeaux, South West of France. I now live in Arcachon, 30 miles from there, near the ocean. Even though I spent my childhood inland, I have been intimately moved by the ocean as far as I can remember.
My art and work life have been led by the following experiences:
Engraver after a few years in Angouleme Fine Art College, then stonecutter. I also led creative writing and poetry workshops in youth detention centers and prisons. And I have been a massage therapist for 12 years.
First and foremost I am a walker. I walk for long hours on sand, I walk in forests and I am a great admirer of animals, waves and all types of lichens.
One day, I took back from a beach walk a piece of wood that caught my attention. I didn’t know it would be the head of my first Fétiche. A few days later, I came back with another piece of wood, assembled it to the first one and that is how it all started. My first born came to life. And I have become a Fétiche obstetrician since that day. I call them Fétiche as they carry their own magical soul without me doing anything about it.