Brian Rego

Brian Rego received his BFA at the University of South Carolina with a concentration in painting in 2004. He was the recipient of the Ed Yaghjian Award from the University of South Carolina for distinguished undergraduate work. In 2007, Brian Rego received his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and in 2008 co-founded the painting collective known as Perceptual Painters, a collective dedicated to painting, exhibiting, and teaching. In 2015, Rego co-founded the Midlands School of Art, a private art school based in Columbia, SC, where he is part owner and program director. Rego has taught drawing and painting at numerous schools such as the University of South Carolina, University of Mississippi, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, as well as various art programs such as the Mt. Gretna School of Art, Art New England, and the Jerusalem Studio School. Rego is currently represented by the John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY. He resides with his wife, Elizabeth, and his four children in South Carolina, where he enjoys hot weather and great company.

Artist Statement
I think when something is truly beautiful, it is unknowable, because it reveals itself an infinite number of ways without denying the very quality that gives it its beauty. I paint to understand the things around me and to know my place with them. The process of making a painting allows me to find meaning in otherwise overlooked places, and in unsuspecting ways. I am grateful for the beauty of things I am met with; they are rich, strange, and full of surprises.