Dan Miller

Dan Miller is a printmaker and sculptor who lives and works in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Corea, Maine.

“His daily Corea routine is doing his woodblock prints in the morning, eating lunch, and, as he puts it, “works the other side of his brain creating sculpture with wood.”  He refers to his prints as his drawings that are representational: taking from the outside in.  His sculpture is abstract, working from the inside out.  He loves the physical aspect of holding the wood in his hands instead of “distancing” himself with a paint brush.”
Littlefield Gallery

Dan Miller received an MFA degree in painting from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958 and graduated from PAFA the following year. Since returning to the Academy as a faculty member in 1964, he has served as instructor in art history, painting and printmaking.

As an administrator, he has fulfilled the duties of Dean of Faculty, Acting Dean of the School, Chairman of the Painting Department, and, since 1998, Chair of the MFA Program. He has had 71 one-person exhibitions involving printmaking and sculpture. His work has has received numerous awards and is in private and public collections around the country.