David Campbell

465182_375238862517898_546064530_o KingOaks

My paintings respond to visual discovery derived from looking or noticing. The painters that influence me the most exhibit a deeper and more mysterious narrative undercurrent in their work, rather than a nature of replication. I believe in a marriage between the perceptual response and the narrative. There is no recipe for combing the two, but rather a reaction to what I see. My deepest inspiration is the hope that my paintings originate from a point outside of myself.

Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1974, David Campbell attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia where he earned his Certificate in Painting in 1998. He returned to the Academy to earn his MFA in 2007 and since graduating has cofounded the Perceptual Painters Artists’ Collective and continues to exhibit individually and collectively at commercial and university galleries.  David and his wife currently reside in Williamsburg, VA and teaches Drawing and Color Foundations at The College of William & Mary.


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