Ron Prigat

Ron Prigat is an Israeli painter and printmaker who studied at the Jerusalem Studio School of Drawing and Painting, followed by five summers painting in the Italian countryside.  He earned his MFA at the University of New Hampshire and currently lives and works at the Vermont Studio School.

Artist Statement
When painting, there’s a space between desire, doubt and labor into which inspiration is able to enter. The sort of paintings I want to make are informed by a synthesis of the influences I absorb, from Pompeian frescoes, to Vermeer, to York and so on. I work mostly from observation, and enjoy the discovery and empiric quality of painting from life, yet the subject matter is abstract. I identify with the musician in that in my work form is the salient content, wrought of light, fiction and time willed together. And like the poet with words, I see my work as infusing material substance with resonance.