Yedidya Hershberg

Yedidya Hershberg was born on August 4, 1988 in Jerusalem, Israel and devoted himself to painting from an early age. Both his parents are painters and his earliest memories of thier work, studios and home brought to bear a powerful and indelible impression on him both visually and formatively.

At age 14, he began joining the Jerusalem Studio School Master Class summer programs to Italy. These intense summers imparted a deep love and overwhelming preoccupation with the history and act of painting and drawing that soon overshadowed the more conventional requirements and expectations of established schooling.

At age 18, Yedidya Hershberg joined the full time Jerusalem Studio School Master Class program. After completing his studies, he briefly assisted in teaching that same Master Class. Yedidya presently resides in Brooklyn NY with his wife, painter Deborah Sebaoun, and is currently an Assistant Master Class Instructor at JSS in Civita – Summer Art School & Resedincy in Italy.