Susan Lichtman

Susan Lichtman is a well-known and greatly respected figurative painter living in Southeastern, Mass.  She is an Associate Professor of Painting at Brandeis University. Select recent shows include: Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects, the Wilson Museum at Hollins University, Gross McCleaf Gallery, List Gallery, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, Smith College, Northampton, MA, as well as many other venues.

Artist Statement
I am a figurative painter of domestic spaces, working in oil and acrylic gouache. I construct compositions from a variety of sources: from direct perception of people and things in my own house, from photographs I take and find, from recollections of light in the built environment.

“Susan Lichtman’s paintings situate roughly midway along the stylistic spectrum from representation to abstraction continuously mined since the 19th century, despite Cold War polarities, and bring a novel female perspective to Intimist iconography. With Fairfield Porter and David Park she shares formal emphasis, a sense of light informed by Impressionism, and a descriptive shorthand that echoes primitive appropriations by Picasso and Matisse. But Lichtman’s work shows a denser cubist fragmentation of experience that explores personal subject with judicious reservation.”
Margaret McCann, “Painting’s Place: Susan Lichtman at Steven Harvey,” Painter’s Table, July 11, 2017



Painting Perception’s Interview with Susan Lichtman, January 21, 2016