Artists 2017

In its fifth year, Art at Kings Oaks presented 26 renowned and emerging artists from the Eastern U.S. and Italy from October 6 – 15, 2017.  Co-curated by artists Gillian Pederson-Krag and Alex Cohen, the barn and chapel galleries were visited by over 800 guests and featured over 170 works, included paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, and installation.

Artists 2017
Caren Canier
Mariel Capanna
Mastro Cencio
Marybeth Chew
Alex Cohen
David Fertig
Kathleen Hall
Deborah Kahn
Ken Kewley
Ying Li
Stanley Lewis
Ruth Miller
Abraham Murley
Maxwell Mustardo
Margaret Parish
Robert Andrew Parker
Gillian Pederson-Krag
Stephanie Pierce
Langdon Quin
Neil Riley
E.M. Saniga
Sterling Shaw
Stuart Shils
James Stewart
Susan Jane Walp
Lilly Woodworth