Artists 2018

In its sixth year, Art at Kings Oaks presented the work of 26 renowned and emerging artists from across the U.S. and abroad from October 5 – 21, 2018.  Curated by painter Alex Cohen and theatre artist Clara Weishahn, the barn and chapel galleries at Kings Oaks featured paintings, works on paper, sculpture, ceramics, and textile works, with lighting design by Michael Barocca and carpentry by Aram Dadian.

Artists 2018
Rotem Amizur
Brett Baker
Charity Baker
Linda Brenner
Alex Cohen
Dennis Congdon
François Dupuis
Perky Edgerton
Miriam Hitchcock
Kenichi Hoshine
Martina Johnson-Allen
Albert Kresch
John Lees
Heidi Leitzke
Aubrey Levinthal
Susan Lichtman
David Ludwig
Dan Miller
Kristen Peyton
Ron Prigat
Brian Rego
Jacqueline Shatz
Clintel Steed
Gwen Strahle
Robert Winokur
John David Wissler