Rotem Amizur

Born 1988, New York, USA
Lives and works in Haifa, Israel

Artist Statement
My work comes from observing reality from my point of view. Reality is only the starting point from which the world becomes full of imagination, playfulness and inspiration. My works fluctuate on the axis between the figurative and the abstract, while what motivates them are questions of representation alongside questions of the language of art. I have a deep preoccupation with color, shape and composition, I sometimes feel that I am dealing with the alchemy of creating a new world from observing the existent. I need to feel “the air” within the work, that is, the seemingly real space, even though it is a work of fantasy. If so, what is this space that I am talking about? It opens us up to the world of my work from a two-dimensional space into a seemingly three dimensional one. Within the depth of this space there is a game using color, shapes and a connection between various compositional parts. All these components form layers with different motifs which correspond and interrelate to one another in the pursuit of harmony and perfection.

Collage is another important element within my work. This method uses cut out colored surfaces in which color and shape are derived simultaneously. Moreover, these painted paper surfaces are cut and shaped forming sort of “gestures” that resemble multiple brush strokes. At the same time, this collage work is a quick and complex concept of work, whose main motive is assembly, deconstruction, concealment and discovery in a continuous cycle. The technique and the subject of the work are one.

I always feel that through Collage my dialog with artists throughout history is brought out in the works themselves.  I feel that my work has common lines between different creative styles – whether it is a linear drawing or a composition which is realized as a group of spots or shapes. Their common basis is the vision of a particular compositional cut in relation to reality. Through this the viewer is given the opportunity to grasp the movement, space and reality in that one moment, through my eyes.