Two Workshops at Kings Oaks

This one-day drawing experience at Kings Oaks with Philadelphia painter and teacher Stuart Shils (Art at Kings Oaks 2022) will take place in conjunction with the fall exhibition. Stuart’s work will be on display in the Barn Gallery.

This workshop frames drawing as the beginning of presence – the critical thought-engine behind design, painting, photography and anything involving the construction of form. We will explore observation as the foundation of drawing, ushering your eyes more deeply into paying closer attention. Tune up the immediacy and depth of how you see and feel the visual moment. You need not call yourself an artist to take part in this fast-paced and dynamic workshop.  

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This one-day workshop with traditionally trained artist and art historian Murad Khan Mumtaz (Art at Kings Oaks 2022) will introduce you to the materials and techniques of Hindustani Painting.  Murad’s work will be on display in the Chapel Gallery.

Learn about paper and pigment preparation and the basics of traditional drawing and painting techniques. You will also practice copying from masterworks from major historical schools of Indian art. Open to all, no previous experience required.

Learn more and register>>

Partial need-based scholarships are available for each workshop.  Please email us for more information.

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